Rabu, 08 Mei 2013

Some of the pro bloggers accept
that Twitter plays a huge part in
driving traffic to their blogs. Twitter
can be the best place for marketing
topics and getting viral on Twitter
can result in huge traffic to your
blog. The only condition is you have
to increase your fan base. You have
to increase your twitter followers.
There are several parties selling
followers to you, but chances are
that none of the bought followers
are going to engage with you. So,
what steps should be taken to get
followers? Here are some.
Keep your profile real. Put your
original picture and an attractive
bio of yours. Placing your pic
ensures your authenticity and
chances are more of you getting
followed. Include your blog address
in your bio and use hashtags so
that people may discover you in
twitter search. Twitter bio is limited
to only 160 characters, so you have
to manage it very precisely.
Including hash tags while introducing
yourself is good idea. 'I am a
blogger' can be replaced by 'I am a
#blogger'. In this way, you are
actually asking twitter to enlist you
in searches of the word 'blogger'.
People always search others in
their niche, and you have a chance
of getting discovered.
Follow and get followed. Old
school trick but still very efficient. If
you follow someone, chances are
that you will be followed back.
Follow people related to your niche,
search them over twitter or search
them in followers/following list of
people already in your connection.
Keep in mind those people which
are average. Anyone with 100k
followers or following will never
notice your tweets unless you are a
celebrity. Choose people who
seems genuine and individual. Look
for their profile pic and bio.
Tweet often. Tweet regularly. Let
your followers know your presence.
Even if you have nothing to tweet
about your blog or articles, put up
some jokes, or whatever you feel
like. Only tweeting links is also a
bad idea. Ask questions, share
some news, jokes or anything. You
can even tweet an article more
than once with some other text
description. However, don't over
do it. Keep in control the number of
tweets you do.
Retweet and mentions. Mention
people in your tweets. Take time to
read others tweet and if you find
anything interesting re-tweet. Its a
give and take relationship. The
more you build it, the more it will
help you. Let your presence be felt
by mentioning people, using hash
tags, or re-tweeting others.
Include twitter gadgets on your
blog. Putting a twitter follow
gadgets on your blog will increase
your number of followers. If your
blog visitors finds your blogs
interesting and informative, you will
surely get a follower. For once, ask
your already established friend
circle on social media accounts like
Google+ and Facebook networks to
join you. You can leave an invitation
personally to people who are in in
same niche to you or update your
timeline with a request to add you
on twitter. There are various
committee on Google Plus which
helps you in promoting yourself. Put
your twitter username there asking
people to join with a short and brief
description of your blog.

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