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Get Approved to Google Adsence

One of the most decent and
consistent ways of making money
over the internet is through Google
AdSense. When Google AdSense
was newly launched, it was easy to
get approval from Google in order
to earn money through your site by
placing relevant ads. However, in
the recent past, it has become tad
too difficult for many bloggers and
site owners to get approval for
Google AdSense.
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Now, it has become mandatory to
own a topnotch quality website and
you need to adhere to all the
guidelines set by Google to get
approval for Google AdSense. Since
they are ones who are making the
rules, if you do not abide by them,
you will not get an approval.
If in case Google AdSense is already
activated on your site but you are
using unethical ways to create
backlinks to your site, your site can
be penalized and your active
Google AdSense will be blocked
without warning. Here is what you
need to make sure you get Google
AdSense approval for your website
or blog.
If you have a new website, do not
jump into applying for Google
AdSense. Instead, you need to the
following before you apply for it:
Quality Content
Google approves those websites
that have enough and quality
information for the audience. So, you
need to make good efforts in
publishing over 30 to 40 high quality
posts on your site before seeking
an approval.
Old Website
If you have created a website
yesterday and you are applying for
a Google AdSense account approval
today, chances are your application
will not be approved. The older your
website is, the better will be the
chances of getting an approval.
Less Advertisement
In a bid to earn money from your
new blog or site, you may think that
adding numerous ads on your site
will help you in earning good money
quickly. If you apply for Google
AdSense account for such a site,
your application will be rejected. To
ensure your approval, you need to
get rid of all the ads.
Good Flow of Traffic
The success of the website depends
a whole lot on the amount of traffic
it receives. If your site is receiving
good traffic, chances are that your
site visitors may be enticed
naturally to click on the ads that
show up on your site and this will
help you in earning good money. So,
building traffic is important before
you apply for Google AdSense. If a
site manages to attract over 100
visitors in a day, your Google
AdSense account will be approved.
Decent Website Design
You need to make sure your
website is professionally designed.
If your site is using default
WordPress template or if your
website has many dead pages, your
AdSense account will not be
accepted. For confirming your
approval, you need to own a site
that not only appears decent but
also it should be user-friendly.
Once you manage to meet all the
above mentioned requirements,
there is high possibility of getting an
approval. Before you apply for it,
you can add several websites to
your account

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